The last time I was in Hong Kong I went to this place and I said to myself that I would be back and eat there again. Weirdly, I remember having to go below street level to eat here and now it is at street level.  However, I could be entirely wrong.

One of the great things about Tsim Chai Kee Noodle is that it is relatively cheap and that it is clean. There are not many seats so expect to share but I cannot get over how clean the place looks compared to other eateries in the area.

I ordered the “Three Topping Noodle”, which include; two wontons, one fishball and some beef.  In hindsight, I should have just ordered the two toppings with wontons and fishballs. The beef is good, flavoursome and really tender but not worth the extra amount you pay for. The fishball is huge and about eight times larger than the ones we get in New Zealand. The ball is bouncy and has spring onions mixed into it and so tender and springy. However, the real winner is the wonton, which is about three times the size and it is filled with at least three prawns in the filling. The wontons are just so good. Also, the noodles have a great bite to them and not at all overcooked and some people might say they are a bit raw, but they are really good. Finally, the soup is really good and is made from real stock. I added a bit of vinegar at the end with just the soup leftover and it just heightened all the flavours in the soup.

The bowl is still the same as I first had it in my previous visit, except it is slightly more expensive. This could still be the best wontons and fish ball I have ever had. Don’t expect silver service here and be surprised that you get such genuine Cantonese food in such a clean eatery. Also, I discovered they do have another eatery in Central which is on Queens Road. It is the first Tsim Chai Kee Noodle I went to in  2018. It is as clean and maybe slightly bigger but harder to find and the wontons just as good.

Previous Visit: Jan 2018

Address: 98 Wellington St, Central and 153 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong