I really wanted to try this place as Kam’s has been awarded One Michelin Star in particular for their Roast Goose. I was surprised to see when I arrived how relatively small the place is and actually how traditional the seating is, which is really basic. A lot of its Chinese Charm is still evident and has not become this place that is changed because of the place winning a Michelin Star.

I was lucky that I didn’t have to wait for a table and being the traditional Chinese place it is, I just shared with someone else that was eating on their own. I had to order the Goose and got a quarter size but from the thigh quarter, you can choose which quarter you get and the price is different between the two. I also ordered the Century Egg with ginger.

The century egg was really nice and so much cheaper in Hong Kong compared to New Zealand. It was really flavoursome and really made me want to have some Jook (rice porridge). The Goose was really nice as well and surprisingly not all that fatty. I would say that Roast Goose is not as gamy and sweeter in flavour compared to a Roast Duck. Also, it is bigger. I thought the side sauce was not entirely needed as the Goose was quite sweet anyway, but the Goose goes really well with rice and underneath are some type of beans which have some great flavour to them and also went well with the rice.

Overall a really nice meal here. The service from the waiters was good and the chefs prepare the food really fast. However, the cashier was quite rude and I didn’t end up giving them a tip.

Address: 226號 Hennessy Rd, Wan Chai

Website: Kam’s Roast Goose