Caught up with Pappa Bear while I was in Hong Kong and he asked me what I wanted for lunch and of course when in Hong Kong you eat Chinese Food (except for Shake Shack LOL). We went to his local Mall and had Yum Cha at Super Star Chinese Restaurant which I later discovered has several restaurants around the Hong Kong Territory.

We had to wait a bit for a table which is fine because we didn’t book and you have to order your food to the table instead of the dumplings being pushed around in a trolley. Which means your food is made to order and is really fresh.

Some highlights for me were your traditional Har Gau and Siu Mai. The Har Gau were nice and big, juicy and filled with prawns. The Siu Mai was also big but with a good ratio of prawns to pork. The deep-fried fish was really nice and just melted in your mouth and the other highlight was this Fried Rice cooked with prawn paste and then placed in a stone pot. The flavours were really nice but I especially loved the crispy rice at the bottom of the pot.

We also had some dessert, which was a tower of four pastries and then had honey drizzled on top. It was very different but a lot of people were ordering it. It wasn’t too sweet but it was fluffy but crisp. Not bad.


Overall, not a bad place for Yum Cha, I no need to go to some places where it is not as clean and more rustic.

Address: Mong Kok, Prince Edward Rd W, 193號號 號 Grand Century Place Block 2 Pacific Century Insurance Building, 601a