A place that was recommended by me especially as I was looking for some Beef Brisket. Mak’s Noodles have several eateries around Hong Kong and in Asian. However, the one in Central, I think is their original one.

The eatery is very clean and nicely furnished but not busy at all, but it could be because I went on a Monday night. I decided to order the Beef Brisket with dry noodles and a bowl of Wonton Noodles to compare to Tsim Chai Kee which is just across the road.


I thought the beef brisket was really nice. It was tender and had some really good flavours to it. None of it was chewy and melted in your mouth. The noodles were nice, had a nice bite to them and went really well with the Beef Brisket. The soup was good and had a nice shrimp flavour to it and I liked the white Chinese chives they put in the soup.

When my wontons arrived, I first wondered where they were and thought they just gave me a bowl of noodles. However, I later discovered that they were under the noodles. Again good noodles and good soup. However, the wontons were small and only had one prawn in them and didn’t have a lot of flavour to them.

Overall, not a bad place to eat. Good if you want to try or have Chinese Beef Brisket as I would recommend it. However, if you want to have wonton noodles go across the road to Tsim Chai Kee as they win hands down. Also, if you are wondering I only ended up taking only one photo as I was disappointed with wontons and just wanted to leave.

Address: 77 Wellington St, Central

Website: Mak’s Noodles