I have recently discovered Shelly Bay Baker when I was doing my usual veggie shop at Newtown Fruit and Vegetable Market. They have a small stall but sell a variety of different types of bread including sourdough, fougasse, fruit loaf and bagels. They seem to have quite a following among shoppers and always seem to be well-stocked early in the morning on a weekly basis that they must sell quite a bit of it.

I have tried a few of their different varieties and they are really good. I especially love their sourdough bagels, which are obviously boiled before they are baked. They are chewy and have a really nice flavour, a always seem to buy their chocolate chip bagel and eat it while I go shopping for my fresh produce.

Their ciabatta is really good, I have recently just tried their sesame loaf which is packed with seeds inside and out. I loved the nutty flavour from the sesame and also how they have the slightly roasted flavour to them.

Overall, Shelly Bay Baker make great bread and love how there are quite a few artisan bread makers now around Wellington. They have no physical store and sell at different fresh produce markets and grocers around Wellington.

Website: Shelly Bay Baker

Address: Maupuia, Wellington 6022