Walking around Queenstown and discovered they have a restaurant where the chef makes his own noodles by hand and you can chose how thick you want your noodles. I love handmade noodles and there is such an art to making them, from pulling them and how you move the dough, it is really cool. So I had to give this place a try.

When I was there, quite a few Chinese people eating there but interestingly no pakeha people. Must be a well kept secret in Queenstown. I decided to order the Home-made Braised Beef Noodle Soup with thick noodles as I like a bit of bite to my noodles. The soup was really nice and I loved the chunks of Beef Brisket, there was also some slices of turnip in there and some nice garnish of coriander and spring onions. The noodles though were the star of the show. So nice and fresh. So good. Halfway through I added some extra chilli oil and some vinegar and I regret no adding them sooner as they just made the bowl of noodles better.

Went back the next day and ordered the Special Pork Mince Noddles, (which I think is just Dan Dan Noodles) with thin noodles and also a tea egg. Again a very good bowl of noodles and I actually enjoyed the thinner noodles. The mince was nice and I loved the blanched bean sprouts and the thin slices of cucumber. Again, I added in extra chilli oil and vinegar and I would highly recommend to add this to any of their dishes. Also, the tea egg was really good.

Overall, a really nice place to get some cheapish food. The noodles are made to order, the different bowls I had were really good and I suppose the price you pay is due to the labour of making the noodles by hand. The food gets cooked in a timely manner, but the other service is alright and unfortunately some tables weren’t cleared when I arrived the second time and was hard to find a seat and became even harder when new people arrived and other people left and the two house staff weren’t really doing a lot. I wouldn’t seriously say it is a nice working environment, but the food is really good.

Address: 5 Athol Street, Queenstown 9300

Facebook Page: King Made Noodles