Have not been to Taco Medic since 2016, so I thought I would give them another try. They are still rated highly on Tripadvisor and still popular from the looks of it (but can be hard to tell due to Covid). The place has not moved but there are bench seats that over look the kitchen and there are also seats still outside if you want to brave the weather.

Decided to try a mixture of tacos, four in fact; The Bajaman, Kōura, The Shepherd and the Stockman. Each of them were nicely made and the tacos still seem to be made by them. I experimented with all three hot sauces and actually preferred the Mango Cascabella due to the flavour and the Habanero Capsicum actually wasn’t that hot. Comparing the different tacos, I thought the Shepherd and the Stockman needed more flavour and lacked a real sense of depth. However, I liked the Bajaman but the Kōura took it away for me with the contrast of the pickle to the sweetness of the prawns.

Overall, good food but I wan’t as impressed as last time. As I said, I felt that some of the flavours lacked depth and maybe a bit more salt would have brought the flavours out a bit more. The food still comes out fast, it is super fresh and relatively inexpensive. Also, as a bonus they are very environmentally friendly.

Address: 3 Searle Lane, Queenstown 9300

Website: Taco Medic Searle Lane