Decided to have a quick break in Queenstown. Work haf finished for the year, I wanted to get away and managed to get some really cheap fares. Decided to go for something different for my first meal in Queenstown and ended up at Saigon Kingdom. Didn’t really know what to expect really, but someone told me to try it and I thought why not.

When I arrived, I was the only customer there. Not entirely a good omen. However, once my food arrived, more people turned up and ordered some food. I decided to go for the Vietnamese must have noodle dish; Pho and I also ordered some Crispy Chicken.

The Pho Bo arrived, with no side herbs/vegetables to be seen. The waitered asked if i wanted anything with the Pho and actually, I only wanted the lemon and she went and got two slices for me. In the Pho were the been sprouts, red onions and some spring onions. Also the Pho came with two kinds of beef; angus and brisket each adding a different element to the dish. The noodles were cooked nicely and the broth was super tasty and packed quite a punch. I also added some sriracha and two slices of lemon complimented everything well.

The Fried Chicken was also good, but I expected it to have some crunch instead of lightly fried. It was still good and liked the sriracha mayo with it, but just wanted more texture to the dish.

Overall, really good food. Service was good and they also have a cheaper lunch menu.

Map: 88 Beach Street, Queenstown 9300

Website: Saigon Kingdom Vietnamese Restaurant