A new Vietnamese eatery has opened in Wellington. I do find it interesting that it is called Pho Mo, especially as it is pronounced “Fuh” and gives the misconception that Pho is pronounced Ph-o. You order food from the counter and then it comes to you, but there are also some pre-made Summer Rolls and Curry Puffs if you want food in a hurry. The eatery is designed for a quick eat and overall a good price for food.

I decided to try their Beef Brisket Pho and their Frinken Bahn Mi knowing that they may have a fusion spin on it. Their Pho was nice but it had a bit too much flavour for me and potentially a bit of MSG in there (which isn’t a bad thing). I did like the Beef Brisket, but I did miss the slice of lemon that usually comes with Pho. The Bahn Mi was also good and loved the crisp warm roll. The chicken was nice and loved the pickled vegetables in there, but I would have really loved it, if they added pate in there.

Overall, this place is not bad and the price point is really good. If you are looking for more genuine Vietnamese there are other places you can go in Wellington, but if you want a more modern twist this is the place to go.

Address: 62 Dixon Street, Te Aro, Wellington 6011

Website: Pho Mo