Was too lazy to cook so decided to try Chilli Peppers but decided to get takeaways instead of eating there as then I could order a bit more then have it for lunch for the next few days. I ordered the food through the website. However, once the order was confirmed there was no time to tell me when the food was ready. So I arrived 15 minutes after I ordered and had to wait for another five minutes.

I ordered the Malai Kofta at medium heat and their Lamb Dum Biryani. Also, with the food was some yogurt sauce and some other sauce, which tasted liked it had some peanuts so I didn’t eat it.

The Malai Kofta was alright, it tasted nice and the balls good as well. The balls weren’t entirely what I expected and were quite solid the sauce was quite creamy and didn’t register at all on my heat level. The Biryani, however, was really nice and I loved the chucks of Lamb in it. It tasted really good, but again I would of liked a bit more spice to it.

An interesting time to open a new business , will be interesting to see how they do. I would be interested to give it another try and maybe order a meat curry and something with less cream.

Address: 48 Rongotai Road, Kilbirnie, Wellington 

Website: Chilli Peppers