I finally managed to try Currizza. I got a $30 Ubereats voucher, so I decided to spend it here. I have driven past this place daily but never tried it because of how difficult it is to potentially park there so I got it delivered. The pizza is a fusion of Italian Pizza with Indian curry flavours a very interesting concept and I was looking forward to it as I had heard good things.

I decided to order the Hot & Soft and the Slum Dog. The Slum Dog was really good and I loved the Indian tomato sauce and there was heaps of cheese on top. The chilis were a good addition. However, I did want more to give it a more of a kick.

The Slum Dog Pizza was also a good choice. The combination of the Sagwala curry base, garlic, onion, ground beef, ginger, lamb, spinach leaves, mozzarella and tomato pizza sauce was really good. I again would have preferred a bit more spice but I added it by putting some Hot sauce on it.

Eating these Pizzas cold is also a good option. They may of even tasted better. The pizzas as a whole were really good and the bases are very different with added herbs in the base. I am not entirely sure if the crusts were meant to be crisp at the bottom as they were soft after the journey to my house so I may have to take my chance in finding a car park and try one of their pizzas fresh out of the oven.

Address: 43 Rugby Street, Mount Cook, Wellington 6021

Website: Currizza