Ok, so in Queenstown and you just have to go to Fergburger. Last time, I did mention it was overrated but my opinion has changed. The menu is still the same, you still have to wait for your burgers to be cooked. However, the one thing that has changed is the wait time to get your order in. Since the borders are closed there are a lot less tourists and there is no real line to wait to get your order in. There are still people waiting outside, but that is for people that are waiting for their orders to be cooked.

Also, decided to go for a different burger this time; The Bulleyes. The meat inside is prime beef steak, grilled medium with caramelised onions and all the other stuff. Man this burger was so good. Loved the meat as it was tender and had no chewy parts to it. The caramelised onions were also good and something that may of made it even better was a bit of blue cheese.

Also ordered some fries, which were really good and crisp and loved how there were still skin left on the potatoes. Overall, I think Fergburger do a fantastic job. They have control over everything they make, when it comes to the burger bun and the fries as they are made all in house. The meat is fresh and as to the vegetables. The only problem with Fergburger is the wait and sense there are hardly any overseas tourists, now is the time to go.

Address: 42 Shotover Street, Queenstown 9300

Website: Fergburger