Decided to try the recommended alternative to Fergburger. When you mention to anyone that you are going or have gone to Queenstown, they ask about Fergburger. So found out that Devil Burger is the recommended alternative. Interesting name and I wonder if it had something to do with Hell Pizza.

So I decided to compare their fries and the basic burger with cheese. The only difference was that I added blue cheese to my Fergburger instead of the (I suspect) standard cheddar in the Devil Burger.

Lets start with the fries, and hands down the winner is Fergburger. Their fries look house-made and have some potato skin to the fries which add bit more of a flavour. The fries at Devil Burger, are unfortunately you stock standard fries, that come delivered from a factory like McCains.

Time to compare the burgers. Each were the basic burger but with Cheese. The Fergburger is slightly more expensive by 50 cents, but hey it is 50 cents. The Devil burger, taste good, but the bun was nothing really special, the patty was nice and the lettuce, red onion and tomato was good with the cheese and aioli but the burger just looked a bit too perfect for me. The Fergburger on the other hand, the patty was good but slightly chewy but tasted good. The bun was good and the freshness of the lettuce, onion and tomato just seemed more evident than the Devil Burger. The aioli tasted better in the Fergburger but I could have been confused from the blue cheese also in it.

Hands down the winner for me is Fergburger. I am aware that everyone talks about it and yes it can be considered overrated due to the long wait times. However, due to the lack of International tourists there are no lines at Fergburger. Yes, you get your burger on a plate and cutlery (if you want it) at Devil Burger and there are more seats to sit at as well. Compared to Fergburger, it comes in a paper bag but wrapped in paper so it is easy to eat and seating is real limited, but if you want to go by pure taste then Fergburger is it. If I lived in Queenstown and wanted a burger, then Devil Burger is a really good alternative and I would go there just so I didn’t have to wait in line. Interestingly enough also there are no BurgerFuels in Queenstown but that is another story.

Address: 5/11 Church Street, CBD, Queenstown 9300

Website: Devil Burger