Decided to revisit the Storehouse as the last time I went was in 2017. I love how spacious this place is and how much open light it gets. I also like how Lushlane are there and you can buy some really cool house plants. 

If you are Wellingtonian and enjoy the brunch scene. Then this is the place to go while in Taupō. The coffee here is very good. They use Kokako beans which are roasted in Auckland. Although, the last time I had Kokako beans at Kokako, I was not that impressed. However, the barista here did a great good job on my flat white. 

I decided to have the Fried Chicken Sandwich. I actually thought I was going to get a burger bun, like an American Fried Chicken Sandwich but it was done with two slices of toasted white bread. However, aesthetic is not really an issue it is about how it tastes.  Firstly the bread was toasted and seemed like it was house baked. Inside the sandwich was two pieces of fried chickens, pickles, mustard, cheese, corn, a mayo based sauce and a lot of iceberg lettuce.  I have to say it was quite tricky to eat, but who gives a fuck when the sandwich is so damn good. The use of the mustard and the amount of lettuce brought this burger together. It was just so fuck’in good. 

I went back on my last day and ordered their, Eggs Benedict, with Bacon, Hollandaise and Rosti. Although I would have liked the rosti to be more crisp and have a crunch to it. This dish was good. I loved the amount of hollandaise and adding the spinach leaves was a good touch. It was really well balanced and the eggs were cooked really nicely.

If you cannot tell, I do like Storehouse. I just did a quick search on the internet and recently they have not had some good love from their customers. However, both my experiences were great with good staff and great food.

Address: 14 Runanga Street, Taupo 3377

Website: Storehouse