Felt a bit peckish a few times when I was in Taupō and the easiest snack food to find besides chips was sushi and ice-cream. I was walking around and found Suncourt Sushi and people rated it highly on Google. However, all I wanted was an ice-cream at the time, as it was so hot and ended up getting a real fruit ice-cream at the Suncourt fresh fruit ice-cream kiosk.

I got the mixed berry and it was just what I needed. It was a good 26 degrees and was nice having something to cool me down. I got it in a waffle cone, and with the standard of a typical waffle cone, this one was good. It was solid, crunchy and had a good flavour to it.

I did go back to Suncourt and tried the sushi place. There were many different varieties of sushi to try from and I got mostly salmon, or chicken. The fresh salmon with avocado looked good but the sushi piece it self was cut a few millimetres short so the sushi shop could get that one extra piece out of the sushi roll. The California sushi rolls had plastic wrap around them and was actually really hard to take off before you ate the sushi unless you used your fingers. They both tasted alright but did have a tint of cling wrap taste to them. The big smoked salmon piece was interest that I had to give it a try and that was hugely disappointing. It was really heavy with surimi and I don’t like fake crab meat as it is too overpowering, plus it was so hard to eat.

Overall, I have to say this sushi was crap and gross. The rice was also slightly hard and really didn’t have flavour to it. I complete shame and I do wonder why this place is so popular and busy. Maybe because it is convenient and fast and the alternatives are not any better. A real shame.

Address: 19 Tamamutu Street, Taupo 3330

Website: Suncourt Sushi