The real reason I go to Taupō is to eat at Pauly’s. Don’t food shame me or look at my differently. Taupō is a great town and there are a few things to do to stimulate my interest. What I do find surprising about Taupō is the amount of Indian eateries there, but it is slowly diversifying. However, Pauly’s have been in Taupō for a while now and have definitely built up their reputation in the town and with tourists.

Not a lot has changed with Pauly’s since I first visited in 2017. During my time in Taupō I did visit twice (again, don’t food shame me, I just didn’t want Indian nor Fast Food). The Fried chicken is still good and having it with their blue cheese sauce and sriracha is a great combination. However, I do need to try it with their honey butter.

Also, their burgers haven’t changed either. I had the BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger. I do admit this time the BBQ sauce was a bit too heavy and made it slightly too salty. However, it was still a fantastic burger. I love their Brisket patty and their bun. Fuck! the bun. Where ever they source their bun from it is an awesome bun.

Man, I wish I visited Taupō more often. One huge disappointment for me at Pauly’s, is they no longer make their Deep Fried Mac and cheese. I loved this side. It was just so good. I think, what I like about Pauly’s is it is 100% genuine. It is not portentous, they have done their research and customers love it. I just wonder when is the next time I get to go to Taupō.

Address: 3 Paora Hapi Street, Taupo 3330

Facebook Page: Pauly’s Diner

Instagram: @paulysdiner