Fresko is a new Fish and Chip shop opened in the Lyall Bay Area. They have converted two old Freight Containers and placed them on an unused piece of land in Lyall Bay opposite Parrot Dog. Currently, they are keeping the menu simple, which I think they should keep. They have limited burger, deep-fried options and a few alternatives if you don’t feel like eating fish. Here they only fry their fish once when you order it. Instead of other places where they cook it twice, once in the morning and again when you order it. Which keeps it more moist and fresh.

I decided to order the crumbed fish, some chips and calamari. First off the crumbed fish was really nice and fresh and love the lemon wedges. The calamari was the stand out for me though. Fresh and they use real calamari instead of reconstituted stuff. The fries are delicious as well, light, crisp and not oily. I also tried their cheeseburger and man it was good. I loved the pickle in there and how the cheese just oozed out. Yummy!

If you are in the bay area and want some good fish and chips. This is the place to go and you can even take them down to the surf beach and watch the sunset. They are a tiny bit more expensive than other places in the area but it is worth it! They said they will clean up the front of the container a bit more and I can understand why they want to, but go for the food not for the aesthetic or just walk down to the beach when you have you kai.

Address: 53 Kingsford Smith Street, Rongotai, Wellington 6022

Website: Fresko Fish & Chips / Fish Market