Yes, I have been here numerous times and I may have written a few posts about this place, but I am doing it for my own recorded as I tried their new dish; Curry Laksa as I am still on the quest to find the best Laksa in Wellington. To be honest, I was surprised to see it on the menu. A Vietnamese eatery with a Curry Laksa. If you are thinking that all Asian cuisine is the same, then it would make sense, but for me, I did found it strange, but I thought I would give it a try.

When it arrived I was slightly annoyed as it had coriander sprinkled all over it. I don’t mind coriander, but I would prefer if it wasn’t there. I was also surprised to see how bright it was with the yellow soup. Taste wise, it wasn’t alright, but it ain’t a Curry Laksa. There was deep fried tofu, bean sprouts, chicken and noodles, but I did miss the bits of seafood that I take for granted when you order a Curry Laksa.

The soup was ok, but I missing the coconut taste that is also in a Laksa. Also, I didn’t taste in prawn flavours in their either. The menu, said it came with egg noodles, but that didn’t happen and it just came with rice noodles, which they use for their Pho.

Ok, I know it all seems mean, but this is not a good addition to the menu. I like Fishermans Plate, but I also feel that it has become too popular. I went during the week and I was surprised to see how busy this place was. I liked how it was just this hidden gem that was in Bond Street but no more, and I feel the overall menu has slightly changed because of it and not necessarily for the better. So my quest continues, but the best Curry Laksa in Wellington is the Long Bar.

Address: 12 Bond Street, Te Aro, Wellington 6011