Obviously I am back in Tāmaki Makaurau. However, this time I are as am I here for work I have a car. I decided to go to Eden Noodle Cafe. I have heard about this place but have never been able to try it so I wanted to see why people were talking about this place.

To my surprise this place is quite small with a few tables and not overly surprising it is not the most cleanest of places. Every bit of space is used to ensure maximum output. However, I am here to try the food and lot overly worry about the decor.

I decided to order the popular Dumpling in Spicy Sauce and Dandan noodles. Firstly the dumplings were quite surprising. I was surprised to see how sweet the sauce was and actually needed a bit more spice. The dumplings were just of pure pork mince and were good. The Dandan noodles use crispy pork instead of pork mince. The crispy pork is like it is deep-fried and crunches when you eat it. It is really nice but does get lost in the soup. The noodles were nicely cooked and I really liked the soup. However, I was very surprised to taste how hot it was and did struggle with it.

Overall, I can see why this place is popular and is continually on Auckland’s Top Cheap Eats list. I liked it, but the dishes I order wouldn’t necessarily encourage me to come back. Maybe I just need to go and try their other dishes and see why people like this place so much.

Address: 105 Dominion Road, Mount Eden, Auckland 1024

Website: Eden Noodle Cafe