Walking around Auckland CBD and needed to have some lunch. Was walking along Lorne street and saw a line of people wanting to eat there so I thought it must be good. So I thought I would check it out later once I had looked at the Auckland Art Gallery.

So when I arrived which was closer to 2pm, the lines had disappeared but it was still relatively busy. You can see the person making the buns and they seemed quite popular. So I ordered some Sauced Pork Buns and also ordered their Beef Noodles. The food arrived relatively fast and surprisingly at a temperature when you could just dig in without burning yourself especially with the buns.

The food good, but wasn’t fantastic. The buns were nicely steamed and tasted really nice, but I don’t quite know what their meaning of “sauced” meant as I didn’t get any sauce inside the bun. The buns were nice and fluffy and the filling was really good. The beef noodles though were a bit of a let down and that was purely just down to the noodles they were too overcooked for me and just a bit to jelly like. I would have liked them to be a bit harder in texture. A good amount of beef and tasted nice and the soup was a very traditional in flavour.

Overall a good meal, I wish I just ordered the buns though but two lots of them. The noodles just ruined the meal, plus the overloading of coriander in the bowl. The service was good though. Would I go back? No. Well, maybe, if I just wanted a snack and wanted freshly made steamed buns then I would.

Address: 10-14 Lorne Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010

Facebook Page: Sunny Town