Walking around Queens street and was feeling a bit peckish and someone walks by with a Korean Hot Dog. I have never had one and knew I had to try and find this place and give one a try. Luckily Google knew where it was and when I arrived, there was a line. So I kind of knew I had found the right place to try my first Korean Hot Dog.

There are so many different options of hotdog here, I just didn’t know which one to order, so I ordered two. I went with the OG; Mozzarella Cheese Hotdog but I got asked if i wanted to sugar on it, I was slightly mystified and then the person said it is worth adding it, so I said yes. I also order the Mozzarella cheese with potato.

Surprisingly, they didn’t take long to make and I saw sign that suggested what sauce combinations to add. So, I added mayonnaise and chilli sauce to both of them, which they recommended. Another one was mayonnaise and mustard, but not overly a fan of mustard on things. I was a bit hesitant to take the first bite as I thought I would burn myself but actually they were at a good temp where the cheese was not burning and still stringy. I have to say, that theses were fantastic, such a great snack. I loved the sugar on the cheese, as it was sweet and savoury at the same time. The chilli sauce gave it a kick and the dough was soft like a doughnut. So good!

The Potato and cheese was also good and so different, it added a crunch to the hotdog and who doesn’t like a side of fries with their hotdog. Such a weird combination but it totally works.

Overall, these are good and so moorish. I do want to go back and try their one with kumara instead of potato and I also want to try their sweet versions. An interesting eating experience and hopefully someone will bring some it to Wellington soon, but be as good if not better.

Address: 47 Chancery Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010

Instagram Page: Might Hotdog