Discovered that Eden Noodles have recently opened another eatery in the CBD on Wellesley Street East. It is about the same size but narrower as the other one on Dominion Road but it is a lot cleaner.

I decided to order the Wonton in Spice Sauce: Dry and Noodles in Spicy and Sour Soup. The Noodles came out first and these were good. I ordered the dish with wide noodles and I just fall in love with this dish. So simple but so tasty with a good amount of spice and kick from the vinegar. Also, I loved the pickled cabbage and spinach leaves they add to it. I only ordered the medium dish and I wished I ordered the large, but that was only due to the noodles tasting so good.

The Wonton in sauce were also very good. However, I did wish the wonton were slightly bigger in size. The sauce is the same as the dumpling version, but the obvious difference to them is the wonton’s have a thinner skin. For me, personally, wontons at the way.

If you want a cheap eat, this is the place to go. Plus the dishes are real pretty with the contrast in colours from the different ingredients they use. The food is good, fast and super tasty. I do wish though they had a dish where they mixed the wontons and noodles in one bowl. For me that would be the hands down winner.

Address: Shop3/18-26 Wellesley Street East, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1008

Facebook Page: Eden Noodles City