Found myself scrolling through the internet and stubbled across Hero Sandwich House. I had never heard about this place before, nor seen anyone mention it, but people rated it highly so I thought I would give it a try for a late breakfast. The eatery is located a bit of a more industrial area of the city but just off Queen Street, but has a very interesting vibe about it; close to the Uni and close to the city.

When I arrived, I actually wanted to try a Rueben, but unfortunately they were not ready, so I decided to give their Philly Cheese Steak a try. I knew, it was not going to be like a Philly Cheese Steak, like I have had in Philly, but they would put their twist onto it and I also ordered a Flat White.

The Flat White came first and was relieved to see that it tasted like a Flat White you would have in Wellington. They use Supreme. Coffee beans, so I thought at least they used some good beans. The coffee was of good strength and had a nice body too it and was not over powered by the frothed milk. The Philly Cheese Steak arrived and I was greeted with a focaccia that was toasted and put in a sandwich press. The focaccia was nice and crisp and had a really good herbal flavour to it. The steak was really good and was tender and not overcooked. The buttered onions were so tasty and had a nice natural sweetness to them, and the cheese was really good and tied it in all together. I also loved the pickles that were on the side.

I wish I stayed a bit longer and order maybe one of their sweets. I thought I would eat something else for a late lunch but didn’t have the time to eat something. I would definitely go back to this place and try out some of their other sandwiches and items they have on offer. The coffee was really good and the service was good as well.

Address: 42 Airedale Street, CBD, Auckland 1010

Facebook Page: Hero Sandwich House