Was walking around Queenstown and just wanted something to eat. I decided to try this place out because I remember this place was rated highly for cafe-style food, but later realising when writing this that it is now occupied by the doughnut shop that was on the other side of town. This place though has lots of different doughnuts on offer, from your typical glazed doughnuts to the more cream-filled and what I call hard out doughnuts.

So when in Rome, I decided to try their Chocolate glazed doughnut which was nice and fluffy and not too sweet I was so tempted to buy another doughnut but controlled myself. I also ordered their Korean Chicken Burgels. A bit of a twist of having a bagel as a burger bun.

The burger looked great when it arrived, with an injector of hot sauce. Inside the burger was a nice fried piece of chicken, pickled vegetables, mayonnaise and their homemade Korean sauce. The burger as a whole was nice, the chicken was cooked nicely with a nice crunch to it and the pickled vegetables were top notch. I was not sure what the homemade Korean sauce was and would have liked more to make more of an impact. I also got some hot sauce which was a really good addition but I did make a mess with it, when I tried to squeeze it out. My only one thing is the bagel bun, as it wasn’t a bagel, the bread was too soft and not chewy. I just felt it was just a hamburger shaped like bagel.

Overall, a good place to eat with a good twist on some New Zealand cuisine. They also make fresh mini doughnuts and doughnut shakes if that is your thing.

Address: 62 Shotover Street, Queenstown 9300

Website: Balls and Bangles