Found myself back at Bespoke Kitchen as a person mentioned it last night at dinner. Walked on up about 10 am and it was busy and pumping. However, we managed to get a table for two and looked at the menu and then went up to order. I wasn’t looking for a coffee, so I decided to order an Orange Juice and also ordered the Korean Fried Tofu.

When the orange juice was freshly made when it arrived. It had some ice in it but thankfully not overloaded with it and the orange juice had a nice sweetness to it but also a good tartness to it. I usually don’t order vegetarian food but felt that I had eaten so pretty full on stuff for the past few days and the Korean Fried Tofu sound really nice and different. However, when I did order it, I added an egg and they didn’t have any sunflower cream and replaced it with cashew cream instead.

When it arrived it looked amazing. It had tofu, brussel sprouts, (which I don’t usually eat but were really good), broccoli, spinach leaves, kimchi, mushrooms, brown rice, pumpkin and a really nice gochuchang sauce. Mixing everything together or pairing the different elements together and you have a really good dish. It is different bibimbap inspired, but served cold. I loved all the different elements, but my one thing is that they were a bit tight on the tofu and only offering two. The dish is called Korean Fried Tofu, getting three pieces would be better suited and make them not look so tight.

Overall a great place to have brunch. I have been before but quite a while now, but I did say that the food is priced more on the expensive side and I would still agree. Yes, the service is good and it price you pay is most probably for the speedy service but when you look at it at face value, I do feel it is two to three dollars overpriced on the main dishes. The food in the cabinet also looks really nice including the carrot cake which I am a sucker for but because I felt like being a bit healthy I didn’t get. Overall highly recommend but just be prepared as it is a bit more expensive than the typical brunch.

Address: 9 Isle Street, Queenstown 9300

Website: Bespoke Kitchen