Zzan has arrived in Wellington. What is Zzan? It is a Korean Eatery, that also has Karaoke and Arcade Games and is targeted at the young at heart. It has been fitted out really well and tables at the front have gas cookers installed into them. The menu has quite a variety of Korean meal options, but I suspect that most people come here for their Korean Fried Chicken.

As there were three of us, we decided to start with a Tofu Bibimbap. I was interested to see that no sauces came with the bibimbap, but the usual side dishes came with it. I loved how it was just packed with vegetables with the rice being crisp at the bottom due to the stone bowl being really hot. There were subtle flavours from the vegetables. However, if you go for the meat version more flavour will be in the bowl.

We also ordered which I suspect is their most popular dish, Chicken, Squid, Chips Combo with the Original and Sweet and Spicy chicken. First off, the Chips, these are not your typical ships. They taste like they are made on-site and I love the crunch of the chip but then also you get some that are not entirely cooked and are soft. The squid tasted really nice and originally we didn’t get anything to help us cut it, but we asked for a knife and they gave us a pair of scissors which made so much more sense. You can add the dipping sauces to it, which I think were, Honey soy, Mustard Aioli, Sweet and Spicy, and plain Aioli/ Mayo. My fav, the honey soy sauce.

Then there was the chicken. Holly Molly! Not just wings here people, but different parts of the chicken. If you are not a bone person, then don’t order this dish, go for the Boneless chicken (which I am not sure if you can get that option on this dish). The chicken was super crunchy, tender, moist and so tasty. The Original was legit and the Sweet and Spicy just levelled the chicken up. Also, you got some pickles and some coleslaw, which was a nice little addition.

This place has only recently opened and has become an instant hit. I suspect because the OG Restaurant is in Chch and has a bit of a reputation. We booked in advance and when we were there, a constant flow of people were being turned away. I also, suspect, that some people could spend hours here, eating, drinking, singing and playing Arcade games. I will be back and will want to try the other dishes, but I am not sure if I can come here and not get the Fried Chicken.

Address: 14 Kent Terrace, Mount Victoria, Wellington 6011

Facebook Page: Zzan Wellington