Dinner time and my friends and I were looking for somewhere to eat. I suggested Korean, as someone wanted Fried Chicken, someone wanted something that wasn’t deep fried and there were vegetarian and vegans in the group. I had walked passed I Love Kimchi Korean Restaurant several times on numerous visits to Queenstown, was always full of dinners and the menu looked like it could accommodate everyone’s needs.

We walked down to the restaurant and unfortunately they couldn’t seat us when we arrived but they said, give them 30 minutes and they could accommodate us. So, we ended up across the road getting a beer at the bar upstairs. Once they had room available they gave us a call and were seated. I ended up ordering the Beef Bibimbap and a small portion of the Sweet and Spicy Fried Chicken.

The bibimbap arrived and the server then added some of the hot pepper paste/sauce on top. In the bowl was some vegetables; mushrooms, beansprouts, carrot and seaweed. Also some beef, sesame seeds and of course the egg. I mixed everything together and my goodness this was a good dish. I also liked the crisp rice at the bottom due to the stone bowl it was served in. At the same time some Banchan arrived, which included some Korean macaroni salad, pickled daikon, Korean braised potatoes and of course some kimchi. I tried some pickled daikon with my bibimbap and it was really good, but adding kimchi instead was better.

The Fried Chicken arrived and had a simple salad on the side as well. The Sweet and Spicy sauce was poured on top but I would have preferred if it was mixed in a bowl fast with the sauce all over the Fried Chicken. The chicken pieces were all boneless and also thankfully all dark meat. The chicken was nicely cooked with a good crunch to it and I loved the sauce that went with it but could have been spicier. Also, the leftover sauce went well with the salad.

Overall, a good meal and can personally see why it is popular place to eat in Queenstown especially with the Korean people. Everyone in my party also enjoyed the food and accommodated everyones need very well. The service was really good there was an older man that could have been the owner was a bit of personality and very good at his job.

Address: 54 Shotover Street, Queenstown 9300

Website: I Love Kimchi Korean Restaurant