Went for a celebratory dinner at the new Restaurant, Liberty, which has taken over the old premise of Grill Meats Beer. However, it is still brought to us by the Logan Brown restaurant group and the premises has had a remodel and a new name with an entirely different menu. Instead of the Burgers, Liberty has turned more into a restaurant dining eatery. You can either have the à la carte menu or you can allow the chef to choose your menu for a set price. We were a table of four and decided to order from the à la carte menu so we could have more variety and try more things out, which we certainly did.

First off, some of us decided to order a raw Bluff oyster with cava rose vinegar foam to start the meal. Super yummy and love raw oysters. We then decided to order every bite on the menu. The Korean fried bostocks chicken, smashed salted cucumber. The flavours were really nice but we did expect the chicken to be deep-fried and crisp. However, it was not and just lightly fried, but the cooked cucumber was really good. The Agria & wild boar chorizo “bomba” mojo picon was good. The Cheddar puff, rewarewa honey, whipped chevre also came with some hazelnuts on top and that gave the puffs a lovely different texture and slight crunch to them, However, wanted a bit more savoury flavour. But the Bannock bread, black garlic butter may have been my favourite bite, due to the black garlic butter. The garlic flavour and the creaminess of the butter, was just too good.

With the small dishes, we decided to try the: Albacore crudo, citrus, pickled shallot, zuni chili Grilled octopus, white beans, mint salsa verde and Burrata, orange, campari, white olive, fig leaf. The Albacore crudo was really nice and fresh and refreshing with snapper. The octopus was so good. I have not had octopus like this in ages and I loved the white beans and there was some crunchy grain in there as well which gave a really nice texture to the dish. The Burrata was also top-notch and loved everything about it. Another small dish we had was the Eggplant. It was nicely roasted and on top was quinoa, sunflower seeds and some other grains. A good dish, but I don’t eat a lot of eggplant was I have slight allergic reaction to it.

The large plates, we tried the; Smoked lamb, lime pickle, cilantro and Ricotta gnocchi, tomato, pecorino, pine nut. The flavours of the lamb was really nice. However, I do have to say it was slightly on the over cooked side. The mint on top was a lovely addition and also the white sauce they had on the side. The gnocchi was really good. Lovely pillow like texture and the use of cherry tomatoes in the sauce really did up the taste of a typical tomato based sauce. Also, loved how generous they were with the parmassan cheese they put on top. Overall the gnocchi was the winner of the large plates.

To finish the dinner off, I ordered the Mille Feuille. It was lovely and light and loved the tartness in the gelato and the fresh fruit. A really lovely way to end a good dinner.

Overall a lovely place to eat, but not a restaurant i would go on a regular basis. The service was really good and love how they use the space, but the acoustic are not great and very hard to have a conversation when the restaurant is full. This is a restaurant if i knew they would change the menu on a regular basis would go more often and not neccasirly come as a big group as it is very hard to hear people.

Address: 227 Cuba Street, Te Aro, Wellington 6011

Website: Liberty Restaurant