Had not caught up with Pepper Potts for a while and we decided to go out to town for a bite to eat. We tried a few places around Cuba Street and nothing was really grabbing us, so we decided to go Grill Meats Beer, which we had not been for a while outside of Wellington on a Plate.

Japanese Fried Chicken


Tonkatsu Mayo & Lemon

This is a dish that I and Pepper Potts and really liked so we thought we would order it again. Although the JFC is nicely seasoned and cooked. The amount you get is very little and not really worth the price you pay. Not sure how you can really justify it

Bacon Chilli Cheese Fries


We also decided to order some chilli fries to see what they taste it. Interesting that the dish comes with a side of sour cream. The chips really nice cooked and on top were finely copped jalapeños, bacon and then covered in melted cheese. Overall this side dis was really nice and surprised to taste how spicy it was, but was good.

Nashville Hot Chicken


Spicy Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Creamy Slaw, Pickles & Smoked Cheddar

The burger looked really nice when it come to the table. The fries were again nicely cooked but also had some sauce tossed onto them. There was also a side of aioli, which was bonus. With the burger. The buns were grilled on the inside, which was good because the coleslaw was quite wet and the dressing made the burger rather messy to eat. The buttermilk fried chicken was good. Nicely cooked but not spicy at all compared to cheese fries we had. The pickles and cheese was also a good addition and overall a good burger.

Overall Beer Meat Grill is a good addition to the burger scene in Wellington. However, it is not a place you would go regularly. The price of the food is relatively expensive to what you get on the plate. However, since I last ordered from the standard menu they have changed the prices and serving sizes for the better but compared to other burger joints you can get a better burger and pay less at other places. The service is good though and they have a good selection of beers.

Website; Grill Meats Beer

Address; 227 Cuba St, Te Aro, Wellington