Buttercup and I spent a few hours at Zealandia and I wanted lunch after accumulating 10,000 steps, so I thought we would go to the Capital Market  and get something to eat and they have 45 minutes of free parking when you spend over $12 on food, which was a real bonus. I noiticed there is a new kid on the street named; Oriental Blues and I thought I would give them a try.

Fried Chicken; Hot Glazed & Chips with Kimchi Salt


If you read this blog on a regular basis, you will know I love fried chicken. So I had to give this go. The first time I went with Buttercup, I was presented with six wings and they glaze is mixed into a bowl before the wings are on the plate. The second time I went, I decided to have them with chips. Both times, the wings, were nicely cooked and succulent with the skin being crisp with a nice seasoning on outer fried skin and the hot glaze sauce gives it a nice kick with the chilli. The fries were really nice and the I liked the seasoning a lot. Overall these were dam good wings and would be one of my top places for fried chicken.

Koro Dog; Spick Pork Belly


This is definitely a fusion cooking. A hot dog roll with a frankfurter, mustard and some pickles. Then there was some finely cut cabbage, pork belly, coriander, mayo, spicy mayo ad then this crunch added to the top of the roll. This was one of the best hot dogs I have tried. It all worked so well and the mayo with the spice/chilli hit was so good.

Japchae with Yakiniku Beef


I have this the second time I went. I was surprised to see a salad accompany the dish, but it was really nice and refreshing. The Beef was really nice and had a nice burnt tingle/flavour to it. However, it was sightly over seasoned for me. The Japchae was really nice and mixed in were pieces of shredded cabbage. Mixed it all together (although the beef is slightly over seasoned) it is a really nice dish.

This new player on the street, is a keeper and I would say takes my top food stall at the Capital Markets. The food is so good and nicely cooked. Buttercup was very impressed especially because she is not overly adventurist with her food. It is well priced, definitely well worth a try and I definitely happy to keep feeling blue if I was eating this food.

Facebook; Oriental Blues

Address; Capital Markets, Shop 21, 151 Willis Street, Wellington