For my special day, I decided to try Lambanjo in Seatoun with Momma Bear. I left the decision making rather later so I decided to go to the burbs for dinner versus driving into town and trying to find a carpark on a Friday night. Also, I only wanted something relatively easy and nothing fancy as I was tired from a long days work. They have a very simple menu and this is just what I wanted.

Whole Roast on the Bone; Lamb Shoulder with Roast spuds


When the leg of lamb came to the table. I was very surprised to see the size of it. It was a good cut with a good amount of potatoes. The potatoes were nicely cooked with some soft and others more crips and crisp like chips. The Lamb was seasoned very nicely and had a basic rub on it, with some salt and pepper and some herbs. It was also nicely cooked with the outer edge crisp, the inside nice and tender and the meat falling off the bone. You also had to order a side of gravy if you wanted it. Overall was a nice gravy and thankfully not from a packet. Overall I nicely cooked piece of lamb.

Tossed Salad


This was a very nice salad with the typical lettuce, tomato, and avocado. However, there was also some thinly sliced cabbage, cauliflower, corn and broccoli with feta and some light dressing. The salad had a good texture and the burst of saltiness from the feta was really nice.

Sticky Date Pudding with Butterscotch Sauce


Reading reviews everyone commented about this dish. I can see why people keep writing about it. The pudding was light and had a good amount of dates inside. The un-whipped cream is given on the side and you pour it on your dish. The butterscotch sauce is already poured on the pudding and is very nice but rather sweet. However, the cream does dull it down. Overall a really nice traditional old-school dessert.

Momma Bear compared this place to Pedro’s in Queenstown/Christchurch. I prefer Pedro’s better. However, it is good to have a good alternative in Wellington. The main difference is that Lambanjo uses more natural flavours and you do not see a lot of fat on the bottom of the plate. Overall a nice place and seems to be relatively popular with the locals of Seatoun with several takeaway orders being made.

Website; Lambanjo

Address; 27 Dundas St, Seatoun, Wellington