Was at the Life Flight Open day and needed to have some food. There were a few trucks there (which was really nice) and I decided to try Antojitos. I have known about them for a long while but have never tried them, I suppose there was always another food truck that I wanted to order food from when ever I was at a Food Truck Rally.

Pulled Pork


12hr slow cooked free range pork, apple & fennel ‘slaw, chipotle mayo, Pepitas. 

The taco was presented nicely but for the price I paid, I thought it was a bit expensive. Overall the pulled pork taco was really nice. The pulled pork was good, the apple and fennel slaw added a nice sweetness and the sun flower seeds give a nice crunch to the taco. I also put some hot sauce on it to give it some kick and a nice twist.



Fresh battered fish , ‘slaw, lime & black pepper mayo, capers. 

This looked better than I tasted. The slaw was good with the lime and black pepper mayo. However, the fish was over cooked and too tough and was hugely disappointed. A real shame.

Antojitos have been serving Wellington tacos for over two years. They do the usual rounds, parked at events and servings lunches at Frank Kitts and other places. I have to say though, that I was disappointed with the food I got. Being charged $16 for tacos and a few corn chips with a green salsa, It is over priced. The food was alright. The food is fresh and nicely made. However, I still felt hungry after eating two tacos, so for me the next time I see them at a rally, I will go to another truck.

Website; Antojitos Food Truck