This came up on my Facebook feed with one of my friends liking this place. Being a foodie I thought i would look at the page and has hypnotised by the food porn that they had posted. I was having a lazy Saturday and did not want to have lunch in town so finally decided to head down to Strathmore to try this place out.

Pita Yeeros


Grilled meat from rotisserie, served on warm pita topped with tzatziki sauce, tomatoes, lettuce, onion and sprinkled with seasoning. 

It is amazing how things taste when everything is fresh. The pita is house-made and makes a huge difference. It is light and fluffy and none of that chewiness you can get in some pita breads. Overall the Yeeros is really good, but I made an amateur mistake and order the one without fries inside. However, I did get a mixed meat (which was only available in the large option). The beef and the chicken were beautifully cooked and seasoned. The tzatziki sauce it was great, the onions, lettuce and tomato were fresh and combining it with the house-made pita an outstanding piece of food.

Traditional Greek Style Pita Yeeros


Grilled meat from rotisserie, served on warm pita topped with tzatziki sauce, tomatoes, and chips

A went back another time and tried this one and I decided to go for the chicken option in the regular size. First off the addition of the chips, make this Yeeros very nice. The chips were golden brown, crisp and perfectly cooked. The chicken was nicely grilled and had a bit of seasoning of salt, pepper and some herbs. The pita was a again very nice but it was slightly more crispy. The other ingredients were really fresh and the tzatziki combined everything together.

Low Carb Yeeros


Grilled meat from rotisserie, served on bed of lettuce, topped with tzatziki sauce, tomatoes

I also ordered this as I was quite hungry but did not want a big Yeeros and I had not had some vegetables for a while. Although everything tasted nice and everything was fresh. I was really disappointed with the size. For $7.50, I did think they could add more salad into the mix.

A great community fish’n’chip shop that sells great Yeeros. While I was waiting. You could tell a lot of locals come in and order their food here. The owner knew people by name and people just came in to just have a chat. Everything is fresh and well seasoned with good combinations of flavours. I will definitely go back and I will keep an eye on the Facebook page is they update it with some different menu items once and a while.

Facebook; Souvlaki at Acropolis