Felt like some good New Zealand Fish and Chips but wanted some that you didn’t feel in regret eating a few hours later. , so I decided to give JFC a try. JFCs aim is “providing just good, honest fish & chips”. The fish on offer is dependent on what is fresh and prices vary depending on what fish you want. YOu can have it either pan-fried, battered or crumbed.

On my visit, I decided to order the JFC combo meal. I started with the Seafood Chowder, then Crumbed Gurnard with chips. The Seafood chowder was really nice. It came out steaming hot, and also with two pieces of lightly toasted bread. I added more salt to the chowder but it was packed with fish and mussels. It was nice and creamy and the bread was a really nice accompaniment. The chips were really good and don’t look like your stock standard chips. It was nicely seasoned and they don’t use your usual kind of salt here and look more like flaky sea salt. The Fish was really good. It was nicely seasoned and nicely cooked. It was so simple but so tasty and fresh.

Overall a very good place for some good quality Fish and Chips. They also have a bar here as well and an outdoor dining area. You have to go to the counter to order and then also to pick up your food, which is not a bad thing. The staff are lovely and you really feel that community feel in this place.

Address: 40 Marsden Road, Paihia 0200

Website: JFC Pahia