Went for a trip over to Russell and decided to get some kai there. We ended up at the Butterfish, which overlooks the water in the little town. Had a lovely atmosphere with seating inside and outside. We decided to sit inside as the sun had not reached the outside seating area yet.

Decided to try the Beef Cheek Nachos and also had an Apple slice as a bit of a treat. When my Nachos arrived I was warned that the top plate was hot. The dish looked overall very appetising. However, I was deceived by the plating of the food. Overall the flavours were really good and I liked what I had. Interestingly they added tomato sauce to the dish though, which gave it sweetness. The amount of sour cream and guacamole was good. However, the lack of beef cheek and its sauce (if any) was not really in existence. There were maybe three pieces of meat, which had great flavour but was very hard to get any on the corn chips as there was so little of it. There were also beans added, but it did not compensate for the lack of beef cheek. After eating the dish, I really did question it. Tomato sauce, really? What about a can of tomatoes to create more sauce with the beef cheeks? I feel I was robbed of a good dish that had so much promise.

The Apple since was good. Nice, moist and even GF, which I was impressed with. My friend enjoyed their meal, which was from the cabinet and was like a Croque Monsieur and she also had the caramel slice which she was impressed with.

Address: 25 The Strand, Russell 0202

Website: Butterfish Restaurant and Cafe