Out to dinner in Whangārei and we decided to go to the newly developed Marina area and decided to try No. 8. A Fusion Asian restaurant with food served tapa style. Here there is also an outdoor seating area but as the wind had picked up we decided to sit inside.

When we were seated we were told that the food was made for sharing and came out when it was ready. So we ended up ordering four plates, three small and one big plate. We decided to order the Tandoori Chicken Kara-age small plate, Hand Made Dumplings, which were pork mince and mushroom, Spider Crab Roll, and the Jungle Fish Curry. we were also advised that the curry would be spicy as it had three chillis next to it on the menu.

First off came the Tandoori Kara-age Chicken and the server asked us, who had ordered it, even though earlier they said the food was made for sharing. This was an interesting dish, I really cannot explain it. You had the tandoori flavours and the nice crisp texture around it, but I cannot say it was life changing. It also had this yellow sauce that I just couldn’t work out what it was and the pickled vegetables were just mini pickles and pickled onion. I was really confused with this dish.

Next came the Hand-Made Dumplings and they were placed in the sauce. Overall they were good, the skin was good and the flavours were good. It was good. Next came the Jungle Fish Curry and it looked like the fish was swimming in a soup. The fish was nicely cooked and as were the potatoes, but I was not sure about the consistency of the sauce. It was difficult to eat it with the rice as the rice did not bind to the sauce. It was too soupy. Chilly wise, it didn’t even warrant three chillis more like one Also, where were the seasonal vegetables, I only found mushrooms. I liked it, but again just confused by the overall dish.

Finally came the Spider Crab Roll. This was a lovely presented dish. Overall this dish was really nice and the best dish of the night. However, to be picky, I would be interested to know what brand of soy sauce they use. As it tasted more like Chinese soy sauce and saltier than the Japanese soy sauce you use for sushi.

Overall a pleasant dinner. Would I go back? No. I was just too confused by it. Being fusion there were too many things that just didn’t mix together. Also, the service was not very good or attentive. It took a while for them to order our food and they don’t leave a water bottle on the table and they never refilled our glasses. Also, I felt the time between taking our dishes away and leaving they could have asked us if we wanted dessert but no one came around to ask so we just left. Overall a pleasant place to eat with a few question marks. Like, why is it called No. 8? Are they trying to just fix everything together with No. 8 wire?

Address: 8 Quayside, Townbasin, Whangārei 0110

Website: No.8