Re Burger has opened in Wellington on Tory Street a few weeks ago and I am always keen for a burger. The decor is modern and there are a few tables for customers to eat at inside and outside. I think it is pretty smart to have limited seating due to the current situation, but also surprised that it has opened in the current situation.

I have been twice to give the food a try ordering different items and seeing what is on offer. Overall, I think the loaded fries are where it’s at, but I will start with the burgers. I have tried one of their Smash Burgers: Smash’n It and One of their Beef Burgers: Dirty Duke. Firstly, I cannot identify the difference between the patties, being a smash burger or their regular beef patty. I also, felt that the regular patty I had in the Duty Duke, was pretty crisp and burnt. The flavours were good but I think their patties could have a bit more seasoning in them with some salt and pepper while cooking them. Also, it is hard to tell the difference between the two burgers overall and maybe adding more sauce or stronger flavours between the burgers to make them more identifiable.

As I said, the loaded fries are where it is at. You can get them in three sizes, but I have always gone for the small. The fries are packed with fillings on top. The Easy fries were good and I liked the buffalo sauce on them. However, trying to identify the blue cheese sauce was hard to identify. The Cheesy Bacon Fries were really good with big chunks of bacon and loaded with sauce.

Overall, the price point is really good and you could good a solid meal here. However, the overall food is average and doesn’t really float my boat. What I did find interesting though, is I posted the photo of my Dirty Duke and Re Burger DM me and asked me what I thought of my Dirty Burger as they thought it looked overcooked in the photo. So good to see they have people looking at quality control.

Address: Address: 5/100 Tory Street, Te Aro, Wellington 6011

Website: Re Burger