Wanted to try this place for a while and finally got the opportunity to do so. Got some takeaways from here and had them at my Cousin’s house who lives close by. We decided to order various dishes and see what was on offer. We picked the food up from the eatery and they are based in the clubrooms in Alex Moore Park. It is pretty smart of them. However, being in a club room it Is hard for them to decorate the place and give it a nice decor that matches their business.

For starters, we ordered so Jerk Chicken Hot Wings and some Sweet Fried Plantain. Both were really nicely cooked and had some really good flavours to them. The Chicken Wings were good and spicy and kicked a really good punch to them. In contrast, the Plantain was sweet and not mushy.

For mains, we ordered Kingston Roc’ Jerk Chicken, Boston Bay Jerk Pork and their Goat Curry. Their Jerk Chicken was nicely cooked, tender and had good flavour. Also, nice to see they used thigh pieces. The Pork was really tender, juicy and soft. The sauces on both were the same and complimented each of the different proteins really well.

However, the winner of the night was the goat curry. The flavours in the curry were so good and the goat was really tender. I really loved the depth of the flavours and the creaminess of the sauce. In all the dishes. The salad was really nice and not just from a bag. The rice was even better though with the beans and peas. It went really well with the curry and the jerk meats.

Overall, a really good meal and love the food here. It is tasty and at times spicy. I truly think everyone should try the Goat. The food was ready when we went to pick it up and still tasted really good after taking it back to my cousin’s house. I would definitely go back and try their wraps. I just wish they opened for lunch on a weekday, so it would be easy for me to get to if I wanted something during my lunch break.

Address: 17 Bannister Avenue, Johnsonville, Wellington 6037

Website: 3 Little Birds Jamaican Restaurant