Decided to give this place a try as I saw somewhere that this place did a good Asain Breakfast/brunch. However, when I looked at the menu the dinner menu interested me more so I decided to go for dinner instead. This eatery is in a rather narrow building and if you ain’t looking for it, you will miss it. The decor is interesting with bright colours and does kind of take me back to those bright cafes in Asia.

I decided to order the Salt and Pepper Squid as a starter as I do love salt and pepper squid. When it arrived it looked rather interesting. The main point was that the batter looked rather thick and there were little bits of batter in the bowl. The bean sprouts on top were nice and had some of the dressing on them. However, I was right about the squid and although it was fresh, in smallish pieces, caked in a rather thick batter and the squid tasted too oily for my liking.

For a main, I ordered the Chilli Pan Me. Never had this dish before and when it arrived it smelt really good and loved how it was presented. I loved the number of deep-fried anchovies in the dish and that poached egg looked so good. Overall the flavours were fantastic. The handmade noodles had a nice bite to them and the sauce just stuck to them. The sambal was tasty and altogether a really top-notch dish.

Also, I order a Teh Tarik which came super hot but tasted really good. Overall, I feel this is a good place to eat. Just a shame about the squid. nice flavours though and good service.

Address: 105 Marine Parade, Napier South, Napier 4110

Facebook: Faith Hope Love Malaysian Eatery