One of my cousins told me about this place as he knows I like good Korean Fried Chicken. To be honest, I was a bit surprised to find a Korean Chicken Eatery in Hastings, but times are changing as to are people and their palettes. I decided to go for lunch as Google told me this place gets super busy for dinner and if you are cooking Korean Fried Chicken properly, it takes a while to cook as you need to double fry it.

I decided to order the Combo with bones and Sweet Chilli sauce, which is actually yangnyeom. I also saw on the wall that you should expect around 30 mins to get your food as they double fry their chicken, which I thought was a good sign but also good to see that they let people know. While I was waiting, one of the staff gave me some complimentary fried chicken with truffle oil, as they accidentally made some for an order, but all good for me as I got to try another version of their fried chicken. This chicken was boneless and had some crunch to it, but I did expect a bit more of a crunch. The chicken though was really juicy and although I am not a huge fan of truffle oil, it was the right amount that it didn’t overpower the chicken.

When my chicken arrived, I was surprised at how much was on the plate. So much, that it could feed two people, if you decided to order some extra fries or rice. Firstly the fries were really good. The oil was fresh, cooked perfectly and nicely seasoned. Also, the fries went really well with the leftover yangnyeom sauce. The Freid Chicken was a mixture of dark meat with bones and white meat without bones. I honestly, have to say the dark meat with bones tasted better and it was crunchier. The chicken was juicy and tender and the sauce was so good with the fried chicken. The sauce didn’t register on my spice tolerance nor was it too sweet. Overall really good chicken.

Address: 123 Russell Street North, Hastings 4122

Website: Cranky Chicken