A whanau member told me about this place and told me that although it is a bit out of the way, it is worth giving a try. He also told me that the original owner sold the business but the person that took it over seems to know what they are doing and learnt how the original person made them. I was interested to try as I do love me a Banh mi and had a car so was not a hassle to go and give it a try.

When I arrived, I was surprised that the place actually looks a bit like a Fish and Chip shop, except there is a professional oven instead of some deep fryers. It looks like this place makes its own baguettes which made me excited. I decided to order the Banh Mi; Saigon and Coconut Rice with Pork Belly. This place has very limited seating and looks like the seats are for people that are just waiting for their orders. So I just my food and drove off back to my hotel.

The Saigon Banh Mi; Wow, this is a good Banh Mi. The bread was so good, crisp and soft on the inside. The fillings worked really well and I could have eaten another one. However, it was time to try their Coconut Rice with Pork Belly and Dam this was good. The rice had such good flavour from the coconut then you add the pickled carrot, onion, lettuce and this dressing man it was good. You could easily go without the meat but the pork belly worked well with this rice dish.

Overall really pleased I went to try this place out. Although the Banh Mi was super good, the Coconut Rice actually did it for me. Such good food and such a good idea.

Address: 27 Gloucester Street, Greenmeadows, Napier 4112

Facebook Page: Banh Mi Saigon