A newish restaurant on the scene in Petone. It replaces OLI & MI Kitchen. It is a fusion restaurant based on Asian flavours. The menu is rather interesting and more leaning towards the European cushion than Asian cuisine.

I went with a group of friends, and we decided not to share and just ordered our own dishes. I decided to have the Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken and the Pho. I decided to order more of the traditional Asian dishes as more of the fusion ones just didn’t sound exciting to me.

The Popcorn chicken was overall very nice and was cooked very nicely. The pieces were nice, crisp, juicy and tender on the inside. I would have liked a bit more spice powder on the chicken thigh, and the yuzu sauce did lack flavour, and I ended up dipping my choice in my hoisin sauce from my pho.

The pho I was impressed with. The broth has really nice deep flavours, and the noodles were nicely cooked. The beef was nice and tender, and I loved how there was fresh chilli on the side with a lemon wedge.

I also got to try the Pink Pepper Squid, which was good but could have been seasoned slightly more and the chicken and chestnut sui mai. Which weren’t actually shaped like sui mai and for me, I can make better ones at home.

Overall, not bad of a place to eat. I wouldn’t go back in a hurry, personally. However, the waiting staff called Pho; foe instead of fur and one staff member even tried to correct me. Also, the desserts sound far too fusion for my liking.

Address: 282 Jackson Street, Petone, Lower Hutt 5012

Website: The Lucky Cat