KCB has opened their second eatery in Miramar, Wellington, with their Original store in Paparamum, Kapiti. I have been to their Kapiti store several times and have tried their burgers and their fried chicken pieces. I was going to write a blog post about it when I first went there but I never got around to it. I honestly believe that they serve the best Korean Fried Chicken in the Wellington Region, and excited to hear that they opened a store in Miramar.

I arrived on their opening evening, and I could not believe how busy they already were. It seemed like many people knew about KCB and were as excited that it was opening a store in Wellington. Don’t expect your chicken to be pre-cooked and ready to be eaten or taken away within 10 minutes. For KCB chicken to be cooked, it takes at least 25 minutes, as Korean Fried Chicken is double-fried. However, the wait is worth it. The chicken comes out super crunchy, tender and moist.

You can get five different flavours of Korean Fried Chicken; Crispy, Sweet & Spicy, Honey Soy, Volcano and Creamy Onion. My top picks are Volcano and Crispy, but I have not tried Creamy Onion. I feel that everyone needs to try the crispy. It is the original flavour, and then pick another. If you are buying a whole chicken, you can go half and half. However, if you are getting a half chicken, a combo or a burger, you have to pick one flavour.

The serving sizes are good, and if you are getting chicken, of course, you need to get some fries. The fries here, though, are well worth getting. They are so tasty and what I like overall here is the oil just seems so fresh. Also, I hear the pickle reddish is a good compliment for the chicken, and I will have to give that a go sometime soon.

If you cannot tell, this place is worth a visit, and already my friends that I have recommended to who live in the area have been more than once. I also feel that I will become a regular visitor.

Miramar: 60 Hobart Street, Miramar, Wellington 6022

Paraparaumu: 3A Ihakara Street, Paraparaumu 5032

Instagram Page: K Chicken Bistro