Went to dinner with my 16 NYC cousins and their kids, and they took me out to a Korean BBQ. We had to arrive at 5 pm as there were so many of us. I didn’t have to wait for long as some of my other cousins had arrive slightly earlier and we managed to get a two tables were we were next to each other and able to catch up.

We got an arrangement of Beef, including Kalbi, Prime Ribeye, Brisket and a Thin Skirt. We also got a pork platter, pancake Kimchi and some mushrooms. With your food, you get your side plates, including salad, bean sprouts, macaroni, kim chi and sauces that you add to your proteins.

Unfortunately, here, you don’t do your cooking as they do it for you. Hence the wooden chopsticks. However, all the meats were cooked perfectly, and the cookers could tell as they cooked a mushroom or chilli with them so they could judge when the meat was cooked. The dipping sauces were delicious and complimented the proteins. One was a gochujang sauce, the other was just rock salt, and the other had a sweet taste with, I think, mustard powder.

We also drank a bit, and it made the dining experience a bit more joyous and rowdy, but it was a great place to socialise, and this place got jam-packed as we ate through our meal.

Address: 22 W 32nd St 2nd floor, New York, NY 10001

Website: Jongro BBQ