After the Korean BBQ, my cousins took me to Grace Street Coffee and Desserts. This place was busy with a line out the door, and we thought it would be slightly tricky sitting a part of 16. However, we waited for 20 mins, and they easily accommodated us at two separate tables.

At my table, we ordered three Shaved Snows; X.O.X.O, the O.G., and Mango Madness, plus some coffees, to which I ordered a Passionfruit Green Tea. Firstly the drink was nice and refreshing, and I initially thought it was pretty sweet. However, once I had it with the desserts, it was much easier to drink. The O.G. Shaved Snow was not my thing. It was slightly grainy due to the black sesame seeds added to the ice. However, if you do like the sesame seed flavour, then go for it. The X.O.X.O. was nice. It had fresh strawberries, and also a strawberry sauce poured on top. There were also some gits of fruit-flavoured ajar in there. Overall it was excellent, and I liked the balance of the flavours. The Mango Madness was my favourite. I loved the fresh mango in there but was also surprised to see slices of banana in there. I liked the mango sauce on top and loved how it all went together.

Overall, I am surprised I didn’t get a brain freeze, and between the four/five of us, we didn’t even finish our desserts. Once you have ordered your desserts, they come out fast for you to collect and return to your table. Overall, a good experience but definitely somewhere where you need to take someone else with you.