So we were working around Brooklyn and visiting one of my cousin’s friend’s galleries, and they suggested we go to Paulie’s for some pizza. When we arrived, this place was already quite busy, but we surprisingly managed to get a seat right at the front section of the eatery.

We ordered an array of slices. However, I ordered an Original piece and pepperoni with honey. The original was really good, better than Joe’s, I feel. It was well-balanced, and I loved the base, which had a nice texture. The Pepperoni with the Honey, which I recommended, was good. I loved the sweetness of the honey and the spice of the pepperoni. Again, the base was good, and I preferred this over the classic slice.

Overall, I highly recommend Pauli’s. I also learnt the difference between square and triage slices. Triangle is the typical NY slice, where the square is a thicker base. Overall, good service, especially as it was so busy.

Address: 110 Franklin St, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Website: Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop