I have been excited to return to this place since I knew I was coming back to NY C. Los Taco is situated in the Chelsea Market, and this place gets busy because it is on the cheaper side, but also because it is so good. Things have slightly adjusted because of Covid, there is no more seating in their dining hall, and you have to take it somewhere else in the building, and to make things easier, you can access the menu via a QR code.

I ordered two Tacos, The Nopal – cactus and the Carne Asada – Grilled Steak. I also ordered an Adobada Quesadilla – marinated pork. I also got Salsa, Guacamole and coriander on my food, with some sliced limes to squirt some of the juice. I also ordered a Mexican coke.

The Cactus one was good but not my favourite. The cactus didn’t have a lot of flavour, and it was softer than I expected in texture. I have not had cactus before and didn’t know what to expect. However, it is a good vegetarian option but go for the meat options if possible.

The Grilled Steak was good! I liked it. The steak had some good flavour to it, and having the salsa and guac complimented everything. Also, I forgot to mention you can choose your tortilla from either flour or corn and went for the corn option of all three items.

The marinated pork was my favourite, which could have been the addition of cheese to the tortilla. Everything worked so well, and I enjoyed every mouth full of this.

Overall, this place is still perfect, and it is a well-oiled machine. You order your food, then you take it down to the cook, and they yell out your meal, and then it gets cooked for you by them and the others. Even though the line may look long, it moves fast and is well worth going and trying these guys out. I always go back to this place once I discovered it, and I have also found out that they have numerous branches around the city, all with similar Google ratings.

Address: 75 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011

Website: Los Tacos No 1