What a name for a company. Who would have thought you would name a company like this? So, if you have not realised, they sell very fresh noodles here, and they are very new as they are made right in front of you and are hand pulled. I decided to order the Braised Beef noodles and mild. I didn’t want to go spicy as I was travelling. Once ordering, the bowl comes pretty fast. The noodles were covered with lots of coriander and spring onions, and you could say the braised beef and some cabbage. However, when mixing it around, there was also some bok choi, and you can also see the noodles.

The noodles don’t look uniform at all, with some parts being relatively thin and others quite thick. I cannot say I was a fan, as the textures were all so different. The meat was nice and tender and had two types of cuts to save on cost. Also, the cabbage, I realised was pickled and added a nice contrast to the dish. The broth was really nice though with a toato flavour to it, was nice warm and hearty, which was good for a winters day.

Overall, not made, and I suspect you can find way better in Chinatown. I ate here because I saw it in a review, and it was worth trying, but a person with little Chinese food experience may have written it.

Address: 409 W 15th St, New York, NY 10011

Website: Very Fresh Noodles