Ok so this famous Italian Sandwich shop has open in NYC and only a block over from Time Square (I am not a fan of Time Square but as I was there to go watch Hamilton, it was close by and easy to get to). I went there for dinner and decided to ordr a basic sandwich La Summer; which had proscitto, buffalo cheese, tomaro and basil. When I got it, I was surprised how big it was, so big, i didn’t even finish it. The bread, I think is potentially baked on site in the basement, but the bread is served warm. Also, the sandwich gets made in front of you, with the meat also sliced in front of you. The sandwich is packed with ingerdiants and ever corner is fulled.

The first bite, I was taken back. I could taste everything really well and it was just like being back in Italy. So much prosuitto and buffalo and tomato it was good. I only managed to eat half of it, I then decided to eat the ingrediants without the bread and man that also took me back.

Well worth a visit. Although it was just at night time, I did manage to get a stool to sit out. However, I would imagine this place gets really busy at lunchtime. Although this place is only been open less than a year, it is really profficent amd if you wish you can given speak Italian.

Address: 729 8th Ave, New York, NY 10036

Website: All’Antico Vinaio