As I was staying in Chinatown, I thought, why not get some Chinese-backed goods for the road and breakfast? I saw somewhere that I should try this place, and so I did. They are famous because of the pork bun, and I was interested in trying it.

I ordered the Pineapple Bun with custard, Egg Yolk Bun, cocktail bun and their Baked pork bun. The Pineapple Bun was excellent. The top was nice and crispy and didn’t all crumble when you bit into it. I also loved the custard in there, and overall it wasn’t too sweet.

The Egg Yolk buns were also adorable and still gooey on the inside. I loved the slight saltiness to them and also the sweetness. Glad each serving had three, as they were super tasty.

The cocktail bun I took one bite and was not happy. It was slightly overcooked and did not taste nice, so I just threw it away. Finally, The Baked Pork Bun, which is why Mei Lai Wah is famous. I thought it was slightly small. However, when I bit into it, the bread was thin, and it was packed with pork. It was so yummy, and quite impressed with it. Only one thing, I thought it was slightly overcooked at the bottom as it had a bit of a burnt taste to it.

Overall, a nice place to get some food for the day. If you want something cheap and accessible and something you can put in your day back, so much better to have these than things like muesli bars.

Address: 64 Bayard St, New York, NY 10013

Website: Mei Lai Wah